Do you know what the largest Indian tribe is?  It is the Cherokee tribe.  The Cherokee tribe had an interesting history and traditions that made it what it is today.


The best-known episode of the Cherokee history was also the worst: The Trail of Tears, the forced relocation of the Cherokee people from their ancestor’s homeland.  Many people died on the way to Oklahoma.  Most Cherokee people still live in Oklahoma today.


The Cherokee people celebrated the Corn Ceremony.  It is a time of Thanksgiving and spiritual renal.  The festival lasts for several days.  There is lots of food like corn bread, corn soup, corn tortillas, and roast corn.  The Cherokee boys and girls play a game in which they try to hit a target on a pole with a ball.  They also got together and danced and told stories.


The Cherokee like to do some of the same things they did hundreds of years ago.  The still weave baskets.  They tell the same stories their ancestors told.  They go to Cherokee schools.  And they still have tribal chiefs.  Many Cherokee people speak their native Cherokee language.  Many Cherokee children still like to go hunting and fishing with their fathers.


I enjoyed learning about the Cherokee tribe.  Their traditions, such as the corn ceremony, continue today.  The Trail of Tears was a terrible event in their history but the Cherokee overcame it and are a great nation today.