Did you know the Pueblo tribe sometimes gets together and does a dance called the rain dance?  Find the rest out by yourself.  The Pueblo tribe had an awesome history, and eating diet and

And that made it how it is today.        


This is about the Pueblo history. Did you know they were shipwrecked in gulf of New Mexico 1528?  Zuni were the first to be known to civilized. For 12 years the pueblo remained independent of the Spaniards. Most of them live in 19 villages in New Mexico. They talk more then six languages. There are over 40,000 pueblo people.


This is about the Pueblo eating/and diet. Did you know pueblo people eat corn and they pick it? And they eat all kinds of fruit like apples. The Pueblo people pick berries and ate them. They ate walruses. Also they ate otters. And they ate deer.


This is about the modern Pueblo Indian. They talk more then six languages. There are more then 40,000 Pueblo people.


I enjoyed telling all about Pueblo Indians. I really liked
their eating/and diet.


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