This is my report about the Pueblo Indians. I have some good information about their history, modern day Pueblo Indians, the role of men and women, and what they eat. So I hope you have fun learning about the Pueblo Indians.   



This is some history of the Pueblo Indians.   About 20,000 years ago the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico and Arizona where the first descendants of America. From 1821 thru 1846 the Mexican people ruled the Pueblo lands.



This paragraph is about there modern form. Today the modern day Indians are like this. There are 53,000 Pueblo Indians in the U.S.A. Most of the modern day Pueblo Indians live in nineteen villages in New Mexico.  Most of the modern day American Pueblo Indians lived in stone apartments called Pueblos, which the Pueblos use.




This paragraph is about the food they eat.  The Pueblo Indians where mostly vegetarians [doesn’t eat meat] but they eat meat when it is available.




This is a paragraph of the roles of men and women. The men hunted all the animals.  The women picked fruit and vegetables.