Did you know that the Iroquois Indians formed a federation of tribes that they occupied what is now New York?   They used to live in Canada.  They also used to live New York Quebec.  They live in long houses that were made out of frame that came out of trees.  The houses have round roofs.  They used to live 1,000 years ago in Ontario Canada.





There are Onondago, Tuscora, and Tonwanda witch are all Iroquois Indian tribes.  Today the Iroquois Indians are in Wisconsin in Onieda.  Wisconsin is up North.  It is cold up there.


       They hunted deer and wild birds.  They also gathered wild berries and nuts.  They planted vegetables like squash, corn, and beans.  They had two Thanksgiving which is the normal. The other one is a strawberry Thanksgiving.  The three sisters are corn, beans, and squash. 


       Did you know that the Iroquois Indians have traditions and games, like they carved masks to scare all the evil spirits that bring bad luck and sickness.  They like to play lacross and snow snake. They like to call them selves the Haudenosuanee.  The Iroquois Indians name means longhouse builders.  The Iroquois Indians controlled the fur trading area.  They also controlled the boat traveling in the great lakes.


       Did you know that the clan mothers picked up the food and plants?  The Iroquois boys look for the best place for fishing and hunting.  The Iroquois girls always stay with their mothers.