One day I asked my mom if we had Indian in us. She said yes, on your dad’s side.


       Then I did some research on Navajo Indians. I found out The Navajo Indians lived in a rainy forest. The forest is now in California desert.  There were over 200,000 Navajo Indians. They were the second largest tribe in the world.  They were a smart tribe. Some of there instruments are a good 0rattle and a water drum.


  There are two meanings of Navajo.   One of them is “water of the black mountains” the second meaning is large field. Navajo Indians a tradition it was a dance. The dance was called “the big coyote dance”. The dance lasted all night.


  The Navajo Indians men and women have different roles. The women’s job was to teach the children. One of the things is to teach them to make a dream catcher.  They were also responsible for the cooking.  The men job was to hunt and protect the tribe from danger by holding a red flag.


  I enjoyed learning about the history of the Navajo Indians.  I really enjoyed learning about the cool fact. I am proud of the Navjo Indian in me.