Do you know what your name means?  My name means Pure in Heart.  Name meanings are important in Native American Culture.  Navajo means Large Field, Or Water of the Black Mountain.  This is interesting because the Navajo Indian Tribe did a lot of things in large fields.  You’ll see why as we take a look at their history, the food they ate, and their traditions, legends, and games.


       When the Navajo arrived in the Southwestern U.S., they learned how to plant corn, beans, squash and melons.  They lived in homes called hogan’s.  The Navajo loved their homes. They loved them so much, that they started stealing sheep and horses from the Spanish so they could survive.  The Navajo used the animals for food, coats, blankets, and more.  The Navajo became famous for their blankets and rugs.


       The Navajo used the sheep for food.  Corn is the most important kind of food.  The Navajo were the first to find buffalo.  Other well known Navajo foods include “kneel down” bread and ground cake.  Traditionally they farmed beans, squash, and corn and hunted deer and more Navajo food is good.


       The Navajo do Coyote dances.  They also do Spirit dances.  They use a gourd rattle and water drum.  Two Navajo legends are Coyote Kills A Giant and Song of the Horse.  On Christmas they tell legends.  They love to give the little children presents.  Navajo Indians are sociable (except when there stealing from the Spanish).


       I enjoyed learning how different the Navajo are from other Indian tribes, as you can see the Navajo did a lot of things in large fields to survive and enjoy life.