Today, I will report on the Paiute Indian tribe.  I will tell you about war, about how they live today, their history, and their name.



       Did you know that the Paiute Indians had a war in 1860?  War is very horrible they lived in more than one state they lived in Idaho, California, Nevada and Utah the next two paragraphs are history , food.                                           


This paragraph talks about their history. Some of them lived in a dry country. There are 1,600 Paiute Indians today. They made their homes out of wooden poles. There history is very cool.



       This paragraph about how they lived. They ate dog and soup made from grass seeds, rabbit, and grasshoppers and crickets. The homes are called bushelter. The south Paiute Indians took the north as slaves and sold them.


       There is something interesting about the Paiute’s name.  It can be spelled two ways.  You can spell it like normal, or the other way is Piute.