Every fall the Utes would go to New Mexico to trade with the Pueblo Indians.  The Utes have exiting history an interesting story and another story but this is about when Ouray was chief which was one of there most famous chiefs of the Ute tribe.


This is their history.  One time when they traded with the Pueblo tribe they got horses.  Then after they got the horses they fought the Apropos, Kiowa, Cheney and the Camoche tribes.


       This is the legend of Ute hunting.  A story tells of an old man who found a clot of blood on the ground.  He wiped it up with his shirt and took it home.  A baby appeared the next day. The old man and his wife named him blood clot.  The boy mattered in just a few days.  He started killing mice and was soon hunting buffalo for his family and other Ute villagers.


       This is one of the tings that happened to the Ute tribe.  One time while Ouray was chief.  Bureau affairs convinced Ouray to sell one quarter of is land.  Then in Sept 1879 politicians in Washington, and Denver and greedy silver mining companies led the U.S. Army to invade the Ute reservation.


       I have enjoyed learning about the Ute Indians. But I still wonder what happened after the fight, and what did the Ute tribe trade with the Pueblo tribe.