The Ute Indians

   The Ute Indians called themselves Niuciu [people]. I learned a lot about the Ute tribe, some of the things I learned about were traditions, History, Eating and diet, and the roles of men and women.


   The Ute people have lots of dances. They had the Bear Dance and the Sundance Ceremony. During the Sundance Ceremony they don’t drink or eat anything for days.  They also practice their flexibility, they also traded fish in the winter and they called horses magic dogs.



The Ute tribes have had lots of good history.

They have always lived in the U.S. They have lived in Utah, New Mexico and Colorado. When they lived in Utah, They were living in the Rocky Mountains. When they lived in Colorado they lived in the Northwest Mountains.


  The Ute tribes eat all kinds of food.

 The Ute bands that live in the desert gather berries; roots, seeds and they also ate buffalos, rabbits, antelope and moose. The bands that live in the eastern areas eat deer, beaver, elk, sagehen and mountain sheep. The Ute bands have a large variety of foods; such as fish, water birds and duck also geese. When the bands have little food they eat insects, lizards and little animals.


 The Ute people always have a special job t hey need to do.

  A woman who is going to have a baby has to follow some rules, such as not eating meat of any animal. The husband of the wife can’t hunt for any type of meat. The Ute people think the animals sprite can hurt the baby, because it’s spirit is to strong. The mother’s teach their daughters to small animals.