My Indian Tribe Report On the Sioux



         Many famous chiefs were from the Sioux tribe. One of them is Sitting Bull.  The Sioux tribe has had an interesting history, a few traditions, and lots of chiefs.


         This paragraph is about their history. The Sioux tribe ate and hunted buffalo, and grew corn and grain. The woman cleaned, dried buffalo skin, and grew corn and grain. The men hunted buffalo, and made weapons. Hundreds of Sioux were killed in the Wounded Knee Creek Massacre. They were known for their bravery, fighting skills, and political skills.


         The Sioux had a few traditions. One was the Sundance. They would celebrate this every year. They would stick wires into a person and hang them in the air by four poles; the person would have to get free of the wires. They believed it would bond them to the buffalo and sun. The other one was the ghost dance.  It would bind them to their dead relatives.


This is about their chiefs. Sitting Bull was a famous Sioux because of his great and fair leadership. He was one of the greatest leaders in America. He was arrested and killed in 1890. Crazy Horse was a very brave leader. He was arrested but died because of a wound from a bayonet when he was being arrested in 1877. Red Cloud led the Sioux against the army of Colonel Custer and defeated Custer and his army. It was a great accomplishment for the Indians. Geronimo was a great chief and kept peace between the Indians and white men.


I’ve really liked learning about there tribe because they had cool leaders and awesome traditions like the Sundance! I wish I could learn more about other tribes too especially the Iroquois and Paiute.