Lasers: The strongest beam of light!

By Javier Muro


Hey you, ya you, do you like lasers? Well now you can learn more about them by reading my report. My report will cover 3 interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what a laser is and what IT does.  Next, I will cover what it is and what it does.  Then I will write about how big it is.

Well you better read my report cause I worked hard on it.

What it is and what it does.

A LASER is a device that sends a very powerful beam of light. The laser can burn trough a diamond! A laser can be as big as a classroom roof.

David E. Merhoff said. It is a device that sends a powerful beam.  You can actually burn yourself with a laser!   I got this information in How stuff works.  

How big is it.

It is as big as a classroom roof!

But the small ones are powerful too. It was made to read price codes.


How strong it is.

It is as strong to pierce a diamond!

Diamonds are pretty hard, so they hurt! It was invented in 1958-1968.




In conclusion, boy or girl, I hope you enjoyed learning about LASERS.  I know I enjoyed learning about how strong they are.  Always remember some lasers can burn you, and it was invented in1958-1968.

Hope you liked my report!