GPS: Never EVER Lost!

By a 4th Grader 


 Have you ever been lost?  Imagine you are hiking or sailing and you suddenly realize, you don’t know where in the world you are!  Your heart begins to pound.  Your forehead begins to sweat.  Then you smile and pull out your handy GPS. My report will cover three interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what GPS is and what GPS does.  Next, I will cover the invention of the GPS.  Finally, I will end with information about the GPS satellites. So, keep reading and let’s begin this journey about GPS.

What GPS is and what GPS does

A GPS is a Global positioning system it tracks you wherever you are on the planet.

The way the GPS tracks you is sending data to the satellites and leaves an electric trail so you can find where you are and where you’ve been

Somebody Smart said that basically that GPS uses trilitiration witch is a difficult type of math.

The Invention of the GPS

This paragraph is about the invention of the GPS.  That the military invented it one night in world war two on our side of the border but were about to battle the Germans. Allison K. Brown said that

In the early 1970's, the military began developing GPS. It became fully operational in 1995.

(World Book Encyclopedia)

The GPS Satellites

This paragraph is about the GPS Satellites. 

I mentioned the satellites earlier the data comes up from the GPS and then goes back down to your GPS and tells you were you are. But I didn’t mention that there are 24 all around the world in space always rotating. But the GPS only send data to for of them and they send it back.

Digital Graphic Research Corporation taught that,

“A GPS can get lost if it can't hear the tunes. Radio waves travel in straight lines, and they don't pass through metal or rock easily. So in a tunnel, or downtown surrounded by tall buildings, or even under heavy tree cover, a GPS can lose its position.”



In conclusion, if you never want to be scared by getting lost, be sure to have a GPS.  I hope you enjoyed learning about GPS.   I know I enjoyed learning about what the GPS is and what GPS does.  Always remember the invention of the GPS and the GPS satellites. Thanks a lot for taking the time to read my report.Bye!