Carbon monoxide alarm: The life saver

By 4th grader


Carbon Monoxide will kill you.  It is colorless, odorless, and tasteless—so you don’t even know it is there.  If you have a CO1 alarm, you have no need to fear.  If you don’t, I feel sorry for you.

My report will cover three interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what carbon monoxide alarms are and what they do.  Next, I will cover how much they cost.  Then I will write about the invisible poison.  If you think this is interesting, you really should read the rest of my report.  It just gets better.

What carbon monoxide is (or what it does)

This paragraph is about what a carbon monoxide alarm is.  The carbon monoxide alarm builds up carbon monoxide and after it senses enough it beeps.  It can save your life.  It is a very good thing to have in your home. It is battery powered and goes for a long time with a charge.  Curens Laruns tells how it beeps when it smells carbon monoxide.


How much do they cost?

A carbon monoxide alarm is worth spending money. This paragraph is about how much carbon monoxide alarms cost. The average cost is $54.95. I think it’s worth it to  spend that much for something that important. said that they cost about $54.95.


The invisible poison

Carbon monoxide is invisible, and it will kill you.  This paragraph is about how deadly carbon monoxide is and how a Co1 alarm could save your life. If you have Co1 alarm you should fell lucky because it could save your life. Carbon monoxide is the most deadly poison in America and it kills the most people out of gases. DFS taught me that the gas is so poisonous because the gas is attracted to the hemoglobin in the bloodstream.



In conclusion, I hope you buy a carbon monoxide alarm if you don’t have one.  I hope you enjoyed learning about carbon monoxide alarms.  I know I enjoyed learning about carbon monoxide alarms and how much they cost and all the things I wrote about.  Always remember to check your alarm and get one if you don’t have one.  Thanks for reading my report and I hope you have enjoyed it.