Why use a computer?

By a smart fourth grader


Do you hate having to go home to use your calendar or computer?  Well you can have a PDA.  My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what a PDA is and what it does.  Next, I will cover what the name of the pen that you use on a PDA.  Then I will write about how much memory a PDA has.   Finally, I will end with who invented a PDA and when?  If you want to learn about a PDA then read this report.  If you already know a lot of interesting facts about PDA than still you might like it any way.

What it is

PDA (personal digital assistants) will make it so you don’t have to use your computer so much you don’t need to pay a big electricity bill.  It is basically a computer with lower memory than a computer but it is handheld.  Most PDAs are called Palm Pilots.  William T. Verts said a personal digital assistant is a handheld computer.

Who invented PDA and when.

Jeff Hawkins invented PDA in 1993.  Jeff Hawkins invented PDA in 1993 he worked for PalmOne. Tyler falls says Jeff Hawkins invented PDA in 1993.

PDA memory

You know a PDA can’t hold that much memory because it is smaller than a normal computer.  A PDA ha about 8 MB (mega bytes) of memory. Amazon says 8 MB that is minimum and maximum memory.  That is a lot for something its size.

What is the pen that you use on a PDA?

The Pen you use to control a PDA is called a Stylus I don’t know why but it is.  A Stylus is a little inkless pen that can write on something and doesn’t make marks unless it has a crystal screen (touch screen).  William T. Verts says the pen you use on a PDA is called a stylus.  But it only works on crystal screens.


In conclusion, if you like my report than you are awesome because I worked hard on it so you would like it.  I hope you enjoyed learning about PDAs.  I know I enjoyed learning about who invented PDA and when.  Always remember PDA memory and what is the pen you use on a PDA.  Thanks for reading my report.