What can Robots do?

By a 4th grade student


Do robots have feelings?  I do so why can robots not have feelings?  My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what Robots are and what Robots do.  Next, I will Can Robots learn things.  Then I will write about where can you buy Robots.  Finally, I will end with how do you treat a Robot.  For more information read the rest of the report. So do you think Robots have feelings?

What Robots are and what Robots do?

 Robots are fun to use I like to play with my robot Robosapian and I am only 10 years old!  A robot is a mechanical divice that operates automatically. Robots can do any thing that they are programmed to do. Blach Tucker said, Today’s Robots do not do very many things on their own.


Can robots learn things?

Robots can learn things if they are programmed to. Some Robots are programmed to learn for example I have a toy dog that is a robot and it learns tricks and I like to teach him new tricks.

 How do you treat a Robot?

Well it maters if you really like the robot and want to keep it nice then you would treat it very nice on the other hand if you wanted to break it and you did not like it then you would treat it badly.


In conclusion, if you want a robot then make ssure you know if you want to treat it nicely or badly. So do you think that robots have feelings?