Lasers, a great way to point

By A 4th grader


HEY! Did you know lasers can be powerful enough to pierce a diamond? My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what a laser is and what a laser does.  Next, I will cover who and when lasers were invented.  Then I will write about how powerful lasers are.  Do you think it sounds interesting? Well there’s more!

What laser is and what laser does

.This paragraph is about what lasers are and what lasers do. Well lasers produce

A powerful beam of light, and help you point to things,

 Lasers’ can melt things too.

David D. Meyerhofer said , that lasers are a powerful beam of light.

Some lasers are so powerful the can pierce a diamond, the hardest natural substance.




Who invented lasers

This paragraph is about who invented lasers well, the first laser was made in 1960 by, Theodore H. Maiman.

David D. Meyerhofer said that Theodore H. Maiman invented the first laser.





When lasers were invented

This paragraph is about when lasers were invented, well the first laser was invented in the 1960’s.

This article tells you that lasers were invented in the 1960’s!

The first laser was made somewhere in the 1960's.






How powerful lasers are

This paragraph is about how powerful lasers are

Lasers can be powerful enough to put over 200 holes in the tip of a pin.

David D. Meyerhofer said,

A laser can be powerful enough to pierce a diamond.






In conclusion, I hope you learned something about lasers, and I would like to say thanks for reading!  I hope you enjoyed learning about Lasers .I know I enjoyed learning about When lasers were invented and how. I’ll always remember how lasers are so powerful, and how they made it to the moon.