qHaving a PDA is Paradise

By: A 4th Grader


Are you that kind of person who forgets a lot of things?  Do you have trouble remembering if it’s your aunt’s Birthday?  You should try using a PDA.  You’ll never forget anything again!

My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what a PDA is and what a PDA does.  Next, I will cover what companies made it.  Then I will write about other names for a PDA.  Finally, I will end with things that you can do on a PDA.

If you like my intro you should read on  ‘cause it gets better!

What a PDA is and what a PDA does

A PDA is:  what a PDA is and what it does.

  A PDA looks like a flat cell phone. It has a pen called a stylus, and it can store things like calendars, addresses, lists, and other things.  My cousins have PDAs and they mark scriptures in them when they’re at church. They also play games and things like that on them.  Verts, William T. said it is a Small computer that you can take with you almost anywhere you go. It is very handy at times when you have forgotten something important.


What companies invented it

Who invented it:  Which companies made the PDA.

  The two companies that made the PDA are, Apple Computer Incorporated and international Business Machines Corporation.

Verts, William T. said two companies, Apple Computer Incorporated and International Business Machines Corporation, invented the first PDA in 1992.


Other names for a PDA

Other names for a PDA:  Some other names for a PDA.

Some other names for a PDA are, a handheld computer, a personal digital assistant, or just a plain computer.

Things you can do on a PDA

What can you do on a PDA:  The things you can do on a PDA.

There are a lot of things that you can do on a PDA.  You can store address books, phone numbers, games, and digital books that you can read, and some even have the Internet!  Verts, William T. said You can play music, play games, read books, keep to do lists, keep calendars, look up addresses and phone numbers, and just plain have fun messing around with it.


In conclusion, if you are a forgetful person, I hope you get a PDA someday.  I also hope you enjoyed learning about PDA.  I know I enjoyed learning about the other names for a PDA.  Always remember what companies made it so you can order one from them and things you can do on it.  Thanks for listening bye!