Alexander’s invention (The Fax Machine)

By a 4th grader


What can send an image almost or just as fast as a phone call, and can hook to more than just another one of itself?  Read my report to find out. My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what the Fax Machine is and what it does and what it is.  Next, I will cover how it works.  Then I will write about the inventor.   Finally, I will end with cool facts about the Fax Machine.  If this is cool, than you should read on.  You will like it.


What it is

This paragraph is about what the Fax Machine is and what it does.

The Fax Machine is an invention that allows you to send images to someone else.  It is a lot like e-mail, but it is cheaper!  I once saw a Fax Machine that was only about $90.  That is a lot cheaper than having to buy a computer.  This next part will tell more detail about it.

The Fax Machine is a very helpful machine that can send an image next door, or across the ocean and everywhere in between.  The Fax Machine looks like a printer and some can be a printer, phone, and there are some that just are a Fax Machine.  They look can hook up to a computer, and of coures, another Fax Machine.

How it works

Ever wondered How the Fax Machine Works?  Well, this paragraph tells you.  It is pretty cool paragraph.  I like it a lot.

The Fax Machine uses the phone lines to get from place to place.  Do you want more info about how it works?  It is really cool.  This next part will answer all this stuff.

Here is how the Fax Machine does all the cool stuff that it does: The scanner of the Fax Machine turns the image into a digital image, and then it sends the digital image through the phone lines.   Then the other end gets a copy of the original.  Some Machines can hook up to a computer.  When I was researching, I saw that there is a type of Machine that can hook up to e-mail.  Now that could be fun!

By this point, you might be wondering who the heck invented such a cool machine.  Well read on to find out important dates of the Fax   Machine and who invented it.

About the inventor and important dates

This paragraph is about the inventor of the Fax Machine and important dates for his machines.  Fist off, the inventor was Alexander Bain.  The inventor of the Fax Machine was born in Watten, Caithness.  If you don’t know your geography, that is in Scotland.  He was born in October 1811 and died in January 2, 1877.  Tie it all up and you get 66 yours old.  About in the half of his life, he invented the Fax machine.  He was 31 years old when he invented it.  His first patent was in January 1841.  This patent was not for the Fax Machine.  It was for the electric clock.  The Fax Machine’s patent was in May 1843. Than in 1861, the first Fax Machine was sold.  I don’t know who bought the Fax Machine first, but I do know that Giovanni Caselli was the first person to sell it.  The popularity was first in Japan, but later in the 1980s, more people started to buy the Fax Machine.  In fact, from the year 1983 to 1989 the number of Fax Machines being used went from three hundred thousand to four million.  This was probably a very good thing to have because it was invented before the telephone. A couple years latter, a photograph of president Calvin Coolidge was sent from New York to London on November 20, 1924.

Cool facts

This next part is the coolest part.  This is the paragraph that tells a whole bunch of stuff.

What you should know first is that Fax is the abbreviation for the word facsimile..  So if you say, “my Fax Machine number is 448-9184”, you are really saying,” My Facsimile Machine number is 448-9184. The next thing is who uses the Fax Machine.  Someone who goes by Beua from says that you can walk into almost any U.S building (like the White House, Pentagon ext.) and see a Fax

Machine.  If you are counting on buying a Fax Machine from Amazon, Then expect an average cost of one hundred eighty-four dollars.  That is what I figured for the average of 23 Facsimile Machines.  Also you can hook up your computer to your Fax Machine and print your three-page report on your Fax Machine.  That can save money!  Here is a Picture of an early Fax Machine:


In conclusion, I hope that you enjoyed it and learned a lot about the Fax Machine.  I have and I hope you have too.

Also, I hope you enjoyed learning about the Fax Machine.  I know I enjoyed learning about all of that cool stuff that is waiting for you.  Always remember all of the stuff that you learned.  Thank you for listening to my report.