CD and DVD

By Mckay Allred


If you are watching too much to get big and lazy then read my report.  My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what CD is and what CD does next, I will cover satellites then I will write about Cd’s and DVDs   finally, I will end with how they work.  Read on-it gets better!

How they work

CD’s and Dvd’s: if you watch and listen for like 10Hr no matter want you will get lazy.

Tell them about the lasers, electricity, numbers




This paragraph is about CD’s and DVDS  

The CD goes as fast as my big brother run’s so does the laser does for the DVD.




In conclusion,

I hope you enjoyed learning about Cds and Dvds I know I enjoyed learning about [Something You Learned].  Always remember [Something Fascinating] and [Your Choice].