Robots:  The amazing machines

By a 4th grader


Think of all the machines that are putting together car parts, making cereal, stuffing all the stuffed animals you have, and all the other things they do.  Without the wonderful invention of robots, well, of course we would have these things, but all of it would have to be done by human hands.  This would take hours more.  Think of all the people in factories stuffing stuffed animals, screwing caps on toothpaste and a whole lot more.  Then think about the robots we have now.  It all happens 3 times faster, and people don’t have to spend long, tiring hours in factories.

My report will cover three interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what a robot is and what a robot does.  Next, I will cover the name “robot”.  Finally, I will end with writing about the first robot.

Think it sounds cool? Keep reading! See how amazing robots really are.

What it is

Robots are an amazing invention.  Think how hard it would be to put together a mechanical machine that runs automatically. Robots are very amazing machines that can do a lot of things.  Some can be as simple as being able to extend an arm 2 inches.  But some can be as complicated as going into space, finding something, picking it up and putting it in a compartment, and making a splashdown.  Some, even more complicated.  They can do things too hard, dangerous, or even too boring for humans.  For example, there are lots of robots that go into space, like you read earlier.  If something went wrong, like it blew up or it couldn’t get back to Earth, the robot wouldn’t care, but if a human were there he or she  would die.

Kazem Kezerounion said:

A robot is a mechanical machine that runs automatically.


The name “robot”

Did you ever wonder where they got the name “robot” from?  It’s an interesting name and I bet you want to know. 

A robot doesn’t have a mind of it’s own. If you program it to do something, it can’t say no. “Robot” is very close to the name “robota”.  Robota is a Czech word which means forced labor. 

Tom Harris said: the word robot comes from the Chezc word robota which means forced labor.

Tom Harris said:

The word robot comes from the Chezc word “robota” which means forced labor.


The first robot

When you just read “the first robot” were you imagining a machine with hands and legs and a face?  Were you thinking a box that makes a light turn on? Or maybe you were thinking of a huge metal box with big claws for putting things together.  Well let me tell you.  There is really no right answer.  It depends on your point of view.  If you think a robot is a big machine with claws or some type of hands to do things, it would be a robot invented in 1961.  It worked on an assembly line making cars.  It would drop red-hot car parts into a cooling liquid.  The line would move on the other human workers for trimming and buffing.  But if you think the first robot was much more simple, it might be something invented 100 years ago just making a light turn on.  It all depends.  

Kazem Kezerounion said:

The first robot dropped red-hot door handles or other car parts into a cooling liquid.  That moved on to the workers for trimming and buffing.