By a 4th Grader


Have you ever been on an elevator?  Would you like to build your very own elevator?  Do you think it is even possible?  It is.  I have made one.

My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what elevators are and what elevators do.  Next, I will cover the invention of the elevator. Finally, I will end with how many people elevators can hold?  If you think this is interesting, you must read on.  I promise you will not regret it.

What an elevator is and what elevators do

This paragraph is about elevators and what they do and how they work. The elevators are very helpful it makes it so people didn’t have to go up a lot of stairs. 

This tells about elevators: World book said

An elevator is something that carries people around.


The invention

The Invention This paragraph is about is about the invention of elevators. Elevators probably cost over $1,000. This invention is very good it takes people up and down from their apartments and other places so they don’t have to walk up a lot of stairs.  The elevator is very helpful. I am very happy that elevators where made because I don’t have to walk up a million stairs.


Who invented elevators

Who invented elevators: This paragraph is about who invented the elevator. The person who invented the first elevator was Elisha Otis. She invented the elevator in 1856. She helped a lot of old people because elevators aren’t stairs.

I am guessing that Elisha Otis was a very smart person.

How many people can elevators hold

How many people can elevators hold:  This paragraph is about how many people can elevators hold. I found out on that elevators can usually hold 10 people. I thought that was pretty amazing.   The elevator is used in hotels and malls.  They are very useful and their kind of bad cause if there is a fire they stop and you can’t get out.


In conclusion, I covered what the elevators does and what it is, the invention who invented it, how many people can it hold.

I hope you enjoyed learning about elevators.  I know I enjoyed learning about The Invention.  Always remember How many people fit in elevators you might have to many people in the elevator, and remember the name of the inventor she help a lot.

Thank you for reading my report.