Radar: An Awesome Invention From 1904

By a 4th grader


Have you ever wondered what radar is, what it does, or when it was invented? I will answer all these questions and more.  My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what Radar is and what it does.  Next, I will cover why radar is so popular. Then I will write about the invention of the radar.  Finally, I will end with some fun facts about the radar. Plus in every paragraph there are cool pictures. Read on to find all this out. It’s an awesome report.

What Radar is and what radar does

This paragraph is about what the radar is and what the radar does. The radar is a device that tells you a lot about one object.  It can be hand held. But it doesn’t have to be. It’s a really handy device.

Wikipedia says that:

The radar or radar detector tells you how fast, how faraway and lots of other things about one object.

Why Radar is so popular.

This paragraph is about why radar is so popular. One of the reasons is that is has the detector and the jammer. Another one is that you can find things way easier than you normally could.


Edward Bowen has another fact about why radars are so popular:

There are airborne radars radar’s on the ground and radar under water.


The Invention of the radar.

This paragraph is about the invention of the radar. The radar was invented in 1904 and was put in the market in 1936. It was invented by Percy Spencer. He didn’t mean to do it. But while he was inventing the microwave he made the magnetrons for the radar. (Which is one of the more important parts of it.)  Tom Harris said the magnetrons are the things that lock on to things

Fun Facts About The Radar

This paragraph has four fun facts about the radar. It’s a great paragraph.  These are some fun facts about the radar: 1. The radar tells where other things are where they’re going and how fast there going. 2. Radar come in all shapes and sizes. 3. You can have a radar. Things like that you can buy in the store! 4. Radars come in all shapes and sizes big small and in different colors.

Wikipedia has another fun fact:

Yes the marines, the army, the navy, and air force all use radars.



In conclusion, I would just want to thank you for reading my report. I hope you liked it.  I hope you enjoyed learning about the radar.  I know I enjoyed learning about the invention of the radar.  Always remember why the radar is so popular and those awesome fun facts.  You’re awesome Thanks!


More facts about the radar: Marshall brain said

Some times you can but the radars usually hidden or invisible.



Wikipedia said:

The radar runs off of radio waves for power.