Gas masks, can save your life!

By A 4TH GRADER at Northridge Elementary


Hey, have you ever heard about the people who were saved by gas masks? Do you want to find out more? Then read my report.  My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what a gas mask is and what a gas mask does.  Next, I will cover who uses gas masks.  Then I will write about the first people to be saved by gas masks.  Finally, I will end with what gas masks protect you from.  Hey! If your still reading this, I know you’ll learn something new.  To learn more, do a Dog pile search for gas masks and you can find out a lot more!!! 

What Gas masks are and what gas masks do 

This paragraph is about what gas masks are and what they do!!  Gas masks are masks that protect you from poison in the air.  Francces Lussier said

It is a mask that you wear when there is poison in the air. And it filters out the poison


Who uses gas masks

This paragraph is about the people that use gas masks.  The people that use gas masks are the people that live in countries with terrorist attacks.  Also people in the army use gas masks when they are dropping bombs. Lussier, Francces said

The military, people with lots of terrorist attacks, and people that paint with spray pant.


The first to be saved

This paragraph is about the first people that were saved by gas masks.  There were 32 men that were trapped 250 feet underground and their gas masks saved them from the poison. Lussier, Francces said,

32 men trapped during an explosion in an underground tunnel 250 feet under Lake Erie.


What gas masks protect you from

This paragraph is about all of the bad chemicals that gas masks protect you from.  Gas masks protect you from harmful chemicals, like poison, and sometimes dust that can be in paint, sprays, bombs, and other stuff.    Lussier, Francces said

They protect you from chemicals that are in bombs, sprays, and other things. These bad chemicals can be dropped from planes, sprayed from paint cans, and other things.



In conclusion, Gas masks can save you.  They can protect you from terrorist attacks.  I hope you enjoyed learning about gas masks.  I know I enjoyed learning about what gas masks protect you from.  Always remember whoa uses gas masks and what they protect you from.  Thanks for reading my gas mask report!