The Palm Pilot PDA in a new version

By A 4th Grader

About PDA   what is it or what does it do all these questions can be answered if you read this.  Trust me you won’t regret it. My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what PDA is and what PDA does.  Next, I will cover the invention.  Then I will write about and Why is it here.  Finally, I will end with what it did to change our life style. Please read on if you dare!

The Invention

I will cover about the invention about why it’s here. The invention all started about 50 years ago a man was looking for crocodiles when he found a square object in the crocodiles’ mouth. He wanted to make something out of it. So He made a PDA. If you want to know about where and how I got it I found it at World Book .com

What PDA is and what PDA does

My Technology Is a Palm Pilot it helps people in work. It helps some kids that need help with math and School -work. It is square and shiny. It is also black. A special kind of pen is used with a PDA. William T. Vherts   said

It helps people with special needs. Also it's fun to have!


Why is it here

This Paragraph is about why PDA is here. PDA is here because we need help with our knowledge some people use it to find out math and bills PDA is very useful to people. William T. Vherts loves how a PDA works his PDA is very value able and super useful.

What it did to change our life style

This paragraph is about What PDA did to change our lifestyle. PDA helps kids with special needs some of the PDA’s have a detector in it so kids can know where they are and not get lost. You remember how I was talking about earlier. With a detector in the detector is like another pair of eyes kids who are blind just need to listen to what it says. Also PDA helps parents from forgetting what to do because PDA has a guide and a planner in it.



In conclusion, I am ever so joyful that you read my report.  I told you, you wouldn’t regret it. I hope you enjoyed learning about The PALM PILOT PDA IN A NEW VERSION.  I know I enjoyed learning about how I learned about where a PDA came from. I’ll   always remember how PDA helps people so much   and how people with special needs get help from PDA. I think that PDA’s are the coolest thing on the earth. Thank you, ever so much for reading my PDA report I hope you will try to get one and know I was not telling a lie. BYE!