Scuba An awesome thing that lets you breath longer in the water

By 4th grader


Have you been under water for an hour? Have you made something that can? Well I have. My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about when it was invented.  Next, I will cover what Scuba is and what it does.  Then I will write about how people used scuba.  Finally, I will end with Why people needed scuba gear. I promise that you wont regret it.

When it was invented

This is about when the Scuba gear was invented. And who invented it.  Somebody named Jaques Costeau and Emily Gagnan invented it. 2 people made scuba gear in 1943. Scuba gear was already invented. The older scuba gear had a helmet were you could breath instead of a gas tank. It had 2 tanks before the  knew one came out.

What scuba diving is and what scuba diving does

This is about what it does and what it is. My technology is scuba diving. Scuba gear helps you breath in the water longer then you can with out scuba.

Paul smith said

Air isn’t the only thing in the scuba tanks. Oxygen and nitrogen are in the tanks.


How the people used scuba.

How people use scuba. If people want to be in the water longer they could be under it for an hour. Wouldn’t that be cool be under water

Why people needed scuba gear

Now I will talk about how people needed it. People wanted to stay under water longer so they tried and died so men and women made things that can over the years they made scuba better. Jaques Corteau and Emily Gagnan made a better type of scuba


In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed it so far? I think that people should do scuba. Hope you like the conclusion. I hope you enjoyed learning about scuba.  I know I enjoyed learning about who invented it.  Always remember when it was invented and that 1 million people get certificate a year so you might have fun.