Lie Detector I am not lying

By A Smart 4th Grader


Do you want to read my report? Are you lying? Are you sure?  There’s a way to tell if you are lying!  My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what Lie Detector is and what IT does.  Next, I will cover the invention. Then I will write about how they are used.  Finally, I will end with who invented it.  If you don’t know anything about lie detector then read this report.

What it is

Lie detector is a device that allows the cops to tell if the prisoners are telling a lie.  It does not use satellites. You strap people into a lie detector. So if they told a lie the police will know. John I. Thornton said that the policemen would not have to guess if the prisoner was telling a lie.


The invention

This paragraph is about who invented lie detector.  The person who invented it was John A. Larson.  And the invention helped the police force to tell if the criminals are telling the truth or not.

How they are used

 This paragraph is about how lie detectors are used. Lie detector’s are a device that helps the police for the prisoners because they might tell a lie.  It is really useful to the policemen. The military use it when they capture an enemy soldier to find out were their base is. The people that use it are the policemen.


Who invented it? This paragraph is about who invented lie detector. The person who invented it was John A. Larson. The person who invented it was John A. Larson.



In conclusion, if you do not know about lie detectors you should read this because you will like it. Do you like it? Are you lying?  I hope you enjoyed learning about lie detector.  I know I enjoyed learning about something You Learned. It is fun to learn about lie detector. Thanks for reading.