All That you need to know about Artificial Hearts!!!!

By: a 4th grader


Imagine every one dying if they had heart faller. Your mom or dad with just a 2-year-old child. No one could live if the had heart faller and we did not have artificial heart.

My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what artificial heart is and what I artificial heart does.  Next, I will cover the first person that had the artificial heart transplanted.  Then I will write about how many have been transplanted.  Finally, I will end with all the different types of artificial hearts.

If you are interested you must read on.


What Artificial Heart is and what artificial heart does

This paragraph is about Artificial Hearts. Artificial Hearts help with the hearts that can not pump. The record for an artificial heart is 7 years. There are many different types of artificial hearts.

Artificial hearts are very important if you want a person to live but are having heart faller.

Kevin Bonser said: Yes they do stop working they are like normal hearts.

Who was the first person to get it transplanted?

This paragraph is a bout the first people that had a heart transplanted. Well there are two answers to that they are Barney Clark and the ABIOCOR artificial heart was Robert Tools.

There are many different types but I can only talk about two different types. The normal artificial heart was Barney Clark. Then we have our best one yet our Abiocor artificial heart and Robert Tools was the first person to have an Abiocor.

I learned that Robert Tools And Barney Clark were the first people to have artificial hearts.

How many there has been transplanted.

This paragraph is about all of those people that have had it transplanted and mostly how many have been transplanted.

Many people need them and we have an answer that will tell you how many have been transplanted.

That there has been over 2,000 hearts transplanted.

There are many different types.

This paragraph is a bout how many different types of artificial hearts.

A lot of people don’t know of the most recently made artificial heart named the ABIOCOR artificial heart it is the best working one also.

There is more then one type of artificial hearts. For an example there is an Abiocor artificial heart.


In conclusion, I hope you like what I have taught you. And I hope I have taught you something.

I hope you enjoyed learning about artificial heart.  I know I enjoyed learning about the many different types.  Always remember that there are 2,000 hearts transplanted and the Abiocor artificial heart.

Thank you a lot for reading this report and learning about artificial hearts. Thanks and bye.