What a Black Light does to make us all smile!

By a 4th Grader


What if your friend invites you to go to her spook alley on Halloween.  Then when you get there it’s so boring.  All you need is a Black Light. It will make interesting effects and colors. My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what Black light is and what Black light does.  Next, I will cover what problem it solved.  Then I will write about UVB radiation.  Finally, I will end with Johann Wilhelm Ritter. If you are interested you may want to read the rest.

What Black light is and what Black light does

What a Black light is and what a Black light does. A Black light is something people use in spook alleys.  People use them for bowling alleys and other things that might be used for cool effects. A Black light does things to make cool colors and other things.

A black light is something they use for spook alleys to make their clothes light up.


What problem it solved

Topic sentence:  What problem it solved

     It solved the problem of boredom.  It makes bowling and spook alleys a lot more creative and more effects make it interesting.  It also solved the problem of killing germs.  It kills germs by using its radiation. A low-pressure mercury vapor discharge tube floods the inside of a hood with a short-wave UV light when not in use, sterilizing microbiological containments from irradiated surfaces.

It kills germs and makes interesting effects in spook alleys.


UVB Radiation

UVB- radiation

UVB- radiation can give you skin cancer. Only because it had energy from the sun to do it.  That is why if you put on sunscreen you will be protected from the UVB- radiation.  I know that you might not want to be around a Black Light now that you know that it could give you skin cancer.  Don’t worry it doesn’t happen very often.  As long as you put on sunscreen before going near a Black Light you’ll be safe.

A UVB has the energy from the sun and cause aging of the skin and it leads to skin cancer. That's why sunscreen can help protect you from skin cancer.



Johann Wilhelm Ritter

Topic Sentence: Johann Wilhelm Ritter

Johann Wilhelm Ritter (December 16, 1776 – January 23, 1810) was a German Chemist and physicist.  He was born in Samitz bei. Ritter made very important discoveries regarding electrochemist and Ultraviolet light. He is credited discovering the Ultraviolet part of the electromagnetic spectrum and the dry pile electric battery.  He died in Munich, possibly by using his own body for electrical experiments.

Johann Wilhelm Ritter invented the Black light.



In conclusion, then again you’re at your friends spook alley and it’s so boring.  Then you remember that you had a Black Light at home! Now you and your friend can have a great time on Halloween!  With interesting effects. I hope you enjoyed learning about the Ultraviolet light.  I know I enjoyed learning about what problem it solved.  Always remember about UVB- radiation and Johann Wilhelm Ritter.  Thanks again for reading MY report on the Black Light!!!