The interesting fascinating DVD

By a 4th grader


Do you know how a DVD rewinds by itself?  Read on to find out the answer.

My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what DVD is and what DVD does.  Next, I will cover who invented DVD.  Then I will write about how a DVD can rewind by itself.  Finally, I will end with another name for DVD.

Keep reading and you will find the interesting answers to what I have said.

What a DVD is (or what it does)

What a DVD is and what it does this paragraph is about

 DVD it is a lot like a CD it is a small round platter that can store a lot of stuff like music, film, text, and etc. A DVD can hold eight hours of film that is quite a lot of film, A movie that long would be boring. 

A person named Ken C. Pohlmann said that

A DVD is a flat small round platter that can store a lot of stuff.



Who invented DVD?

Who invented DVD?  This paragraph is the answer to that question.

Do you think that one person invented the DVD?  You’re wrong a website name said that

A lot of companies worked together to make DVD like Sony, and Phillips and a lot more



How does a DVD rewind by itself?

Don’t you ever wonder how your DVD rewinds by itself? I sure do AND I FINALLY found out.

 A place called Yahoo said that

a DVD has a laser in it that skips back to the main menu and that is why you don't have to rewind (our technology is making us lazy.)




In conclusion, now that you have read on I hope you enjoyed learning about DVD.  I know I enjoyed learning about who invented the DVD.  Always remember how a DVD rewinds by itself

Thanks for reading my report.