Smoke Alarms are more than you think 

By a 4th grade student


  What if there was a fire in the middle of the night in your house and everyone was asleep?  What if the fire started in your child’s room?  What would you do?  If this scares you, I would go to the store right now and buy a smoke alarm.   I am going to tell you about smoke alarms.  My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what a smoke alarm is and what it does.  Next, I will cover something I learned about smoke alarms. Then I will write something fascinating. Finally, I will end with my own choice.  If you think that was interesting enough to read on, be my guest!  I bet the rest of my report will be even more interesting.

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What Smoke Alarms are or what it does

A smoke alarm is a great thing to have in your house, in schools, and in many other locations.  A smoke alarm is a device that makes a loud beeping sound when there is a fire or smoke.  If the vent on a smoke alarm smells smoke, within seconds the alarm beeps.

World Book Online taught me that

A smoke alarm is a device used in houses, schools, and other locations to warn you if there is fire or smoke. If there is fire, within seconds it will beep really loud.


Smoke Alarm Methods.

People use different methods for different subjects.  Like swimming, art, jobs, and many other things.  The smoke alarm uses methods too.  In fact it uses two of them.  Ionization detection and photoelectric detection.

World Book Online teaches that

A smoke alarm uses two methods in order to work. The methods are ionization detection and photoelectric detection.


Connected Smoke Alarms

Did you know that every single smoke alarm in your house is connected?  Well they are.  If there were to be a fire in a little tiny corner in your basement, in the blink of an eye all the smoke alarms in your house would go off.  Even all the way up stairs the people would know that there was a fire.  The vent on a smoke alarm would smell the fire.  Because the smoke alarms are connected, all the smoke alarms would go off.


The fire alarms in your house are connected in your house. If one smoke alarm goes off than it communicates with other smoke alarms in your house so they all go off.


 Year of Dropping Prices

This paragraph is about how there was one year were the prices dropped.

In 1990s almost everyone had at least1 smoke alarm. Because lots of people had them the prices dropped.  You could by one for under $10 dollars. Now it is required to have at least one smoke alarm at each level of your house.

Google taught me that

They started selling, but then in 1991 everybody had at least one smoke detector in their house and the prices drop. You could buy one for under $10.00.




In conclusion, if you don’t have a smoke alarm in your house you should go buy one now.

I hope you enjoyed learning about smoke alarms.  I know I enjoyed learning about what they are and how they work. Always remember smoke alarms use methods too and smoke alarms are connected.

Thanks for reading my report!