By 4th grader

Have you ever wanted to know what you’re child is watching? Read this magazine to find out more.

My article will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what HDTV is and what HDTV does.  Next, I will cover how you can lock bad channels for kids Then I will write about how many people have bought an HDTV.  Finally, I will end with how many people watch more television each day with HDTV.

This is a news report about HDTV. Read more to find out about HDTV and what it does.

What it is

This paragraph is about what HDTV stands for and how it works.

HDTV stands for high definition television. It helps television not be fuzzy. 

This is what every one is looking for. HDTV works by little tiny dots and it forms a picture.

Why is it better?

This page is about How HDTV works to form a better pitcher.

This is a news report saying that this article is telling you   something. This something is how an HDTV works.

An HDTV works by little tiny dots that form a good pitcher. That is the same with a plain old television but only bigger dots.

How to protect children

This article is about how to lock bad channels for kids.

Get an HDTV to lock bad channels and screen viewing.

This is how you do it. Go to the channel of you’re choice, on you’re remote there is a button that says lock. Push it, and then push numbers to set the code, remember you’re code! You might want to watch it when the kids are gone. There you go you’re done!


This article is about how many people by this HDTV so called and watch the bad channels.

This is how many people watch bad channels.87899033 thousand people buy an HDTV every day. 899078 people watch bad channels.



In conclusion, read more magazines to find out how video games change you personality. Just ask Haley and Lea.

I hope you enjoyed learning about HDTV.  I know I enjoyed learning about lots of you’re news reports.  Always remember how many people buy an HDTV and how to lock you’re bad channels.

Thanks for reading lea’s HDTV magazine.