My Super Cool Gas Mask Report

By A Smart 4th Grader


       If you don’t know about Gas Masks then you will really want to read this report.  My report will cover three interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what it is and what it does.  Next, I will cover how Gas Masks work. Then I will write about what energy Gas Masks use. Finally, I will end with who invented it.  Please read my report.

What it is

Gas Masks are things that can save you from poisonous gases.  How Stuff Works said there is a canister that has a fan and a filter so the fan sucks in the air and the filter filters it and it goes to the user.


How Gas Masks Work

This paragraph is about how Gas Masks work. A gas Mask has a fan and a filter.  So the fan sucks in the air and the filter cleans it out.


    Who invented the gas mask?

This paragraph is about who invented the gas mask. Gas Masks use batteries how

 Stuff Works said if the battery dies so will you.

If you want to use a Gas Mask Make sure the battery is

Still full of juice.



In conclusion, if you didn’t know about Gas masks before you read this report then know you do. I hope you enjoyed learning about gas masks. I know I enjoyed learning about what kind of energy does it use? And ending up with who invented the gas masks?