Space shuttle:
the amazing journey into space

By 4th grade student 


Do you know that space shuttles are about $50,000,000 dollars!

My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what it is and what it does.  Next, I will cover what it carries. Then I will tell you how much money it is. Finally I will tell you how it activates.  And if you want to know more you should read on.

What it is

This paragraph is about what a space shuttle is. It is a rocket but you can use it over again. How? Well it can land like a plain and that is how you use it again.    


It is a space vehicle that can land like a plain

Do they carry things?

This paragraph is about do space shuttles carry things space inventions said,

“The answer is yes they carry pieces of space stations”  station

How much money it is.

This paragraph is about how much money space shuttles are

Marshal brain said, “they are about $50,000,000”

How does it activates?

This paragraph is about how space shuttles activates. Marshal brain said, “It activates by pressing a little red button in a space shuttle”


In conclusion, now you know how much shuttles and I hope you save you’re money so you can buy one.  I hope you enjoyed learning about space shuttle.  I know I enjoyed learning about how much money they are.  Always remember how they activate and what they carry.  Thanks for reading my report