My sweet report on amber alert

By a 4th grader


Do you have a small child?  What if that child were stolen away by a psycho path kidnapper?  If this scares you, you need to know about AMBER alert is.  My report will cover three interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what AMBER Alert is and what it does.  Next, I will cover Kidnapping in the U.S.  Then I will write about how AMBER saves lives. If you don’t know what AMBER alert is, you really need to read this report.  And even if you do, I think you’ll like this report.

What it is

       Amber alert is a thing that usually sits on something to watch of the place that it should. It takes pictures o the kid that is getting kidnapped or it takes a picture of the license plate of the car with the kid in it.  Kevin Bonsor said that kids getting is a parents biggest fear is that if their kid gets kidnapped then they might not see their kid again.


Kidnapping in the U.S.

AMBER ALERT: This paragraph is about kids getting kidnapped in the U.S.  AMBER ALERT takes pictures of the person that is getting kidnapped or the license plate of the car.  How stuff works said that 2,000 kids get kidnapped every day in the U.S.

How AMBER saves lives

AMBER ALERT: How AMBER ALERT saves lives. AMBER ALERT saves lives by taking pictures and sending it to the hole world so they can keep a look out for the car or kid. How stuff works said that AMBER ALERT saves lives and loved ones.


In conclusion, if you didn’t know about AMBER ALERT you should reed more about AMBER ALERT.  I hope you enjoyed learning about AMBER ALERT.  I know I enjoyed learning about how many kids get kidnapped each day.  Always remember that AMBER ALERT can save you live if you get kidnapped and catch the bad guy that kidnapped you.  Thank for reading my report!