Air Bags For Safety

By A Forth Grader and Mr. Welch


Have you ever lost someone in a your family from a car accident?  Maybe you haven’t but the people who have probably don’t want to lose more.  Now we have a better chance of not losing people in a car accident; it is the airbag.  My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what air bag is or what it does. Next, I will cover what it is made out of and what parts are in it.  Then I will write about how fast it pops out of the dashboard. Finally, I will end with writing when it was invented, where it was invented.

What Air Bag is and what Air Bag does

This paragraph is about what an Air Bag is and what it does. An air bag is a safety device that pops out of either the dashboard or the steering wheel that protects you when you get into a car crash.  It prevents a less people dying during car crashes. Marshall Brain and Tom Harris said

It is a safety device that protects you when you get in a collision.


What Air Bag is made out and what parts are in it.

This paragraph is about how many parts are in an air bag.  There are three main parts of an air bag.  There is a bag for protection, a sensor to detect, and an inflation system.  Marshall Brain said,

There are three parts to an air bag. First, there is the air bag itself, which is made of very thin fabric that is folded up into the steering wheel or dashboard. Second, there is a sensor that tells the airbag to inflate. Finally, there is the inflation system. Air bags are actually inflated by the equivalent of a solid rocket booster.