Elevators Up Elevators Down

By A 4th  grader


Attention, anyone who has a broken leg or got hit by car.  My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what Elevator is and what Elevator does.  Next, I will cover Grain Elevator.  Then I will write about.  Finally, I will end with Elisha Graves.  Read on to find out what elevators can have in it. 

What Elevator is and what Elevator does

This is an article that tells what Elevator is and what it does the elevator can do a lot of things, the grain elevator takes grain out trains and ships and puts it in storage, and the elevator can have safety devices so that if the rope brakes it will stop it from falling and nobody dies.   Wordbook says

The thing it does is move handy caped people up and down in a building; the elevator is something in a building that pulls you up floors.



 This tells about the motor.  An electric motor is a machine that uses electric energy to produce motion. Electric motors operate a variety of devices from vacuum cleaners in the home to windshield wipers in the automobile, to conveyor belts in the factory. All motors that produce rotation work in essentially the same way as a direct- current series motor, which is commonly used to drive electric railroad cars. Current flows through a wire, to a block of graphite called a brush. The brush transmits current to the commentator, which consists of two or more semicircular split rings. The commentator is connected to a large coil of wire called the armature and to the output shaft. Current flows from the commentator through the armature, then back to the commentator. Current then flows through another brush to one or more electromagnets, each made up of a wire coil wrapped around a piece of iron

The motor is the thing that makes the elevator go up and down the building so that handicapped people can get places in a building and because its faster.


Grain Elevator

This is about the grain elevator.  The grain elevator can take a lot of things out of trains and ships but mostly it takes out grain it could take coal but it doesn’t World Book taught me that the Grain Elevator means a big peace of machineries that takes grain out of trains, ships, and other things.


In conclusion, any one who got a broken leg you should be grate full for elevators.  I hope you enjoyed learning about elevator I know I enjoyed learning about the motor.  Always remember grain elevator and how smart Elisha Graves is.