My Report on the landing rocket

(space shuttle that is)

By the super 4th grader


Have o you ever read a report on space shuttle?  If you want to go to space you should learn why.  My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what space shuttle is and what it does.  Next I will cover how it has improved since 1983.  Then I will write about how much gas space shuttle use.  Finally, I will end with how space shuttles land.  If you want to read this do it, I WORKED HARD on it!



What it is

Space shuttle is a rocket that can go to space, and back.  It takes about ten and a half years to build just one space shuttle.  It takes one hundred men to make one.  People that want to go to space on a space shuttle have to go to five years of training.  On one of the attempts to launch.  James R. Askler said.  “They bring more than 7,500 pounds of gas on one space shuttle.


Has it improved since 1983

Space shuttles have improved since then read on to find out how.  Space shuttles have improved in 1982 space shuttle ran into a blimp and it blew up width ashes every-were people were sad to see it blow up and were very sad.  The N SRBs (Solid Rocket Boosters) have undergone improvements as well. Potables is the adding of a third O-ring seal to the joints between the segments, which occurred after the Challenger accident.


How much gas do space shuttles use

Well I am glad that you want to learn, but if you want to know about my report on how much gas they bring read on.  Well a long time ago they brang a little bit of gas but now they bring a lot of gas because they need it to have not only space shuttles go to space they have things like satilights go to space.  Hey bring more than 7,500 pounds, and that is way cool.

How do space shuttles land

Space shuttles land a lot better than you would think they land not fast and not too slow.  Space shuttles are very important in landing they are the nickname “the landing rocket” that is a really a cool nickname.  It has to orbit the earth until it is at the right place and when it is it goes down and it pulls out the parachute and that is how it lands.


dIn conclusion, if you have read my report, thank you so much (and I mean thank you).  I hope you enjoyed learning about space shuttles.  I know I enjoyed learning about how it has improved since 1983.  Always remember they bring 7,5000 lbs of gas and how they land.  Thank you.