The life saver the air bag

By 4th grader


Imagine hearing loud skidding wheels.  Imagine feeling like you are in the worst tornado ever.  You have just          0been in a car wreck.  So, if air bags are the lifesaver, do you wish you had one?   My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what Air bag’s is and what and what they do.  Next, I will cover How air bag’s work.  Then I will write about the fist time an air bag was tested.  Finally, I will end with Fancy Facts about Air bags. Do you know how fast air bags comes out I do. If you read on you will find out.

What it is

A air bag is a bag that comes out then stop’s you from  hitting your head going to tell you all about how air bags work. An air bag is a thing that comes out so you do not hit you head. The fist company to putt air bags in their car was Toyota.  The University of Oklahoma taught me. An air bag comes out 200 miles a mph faster then an eye blink. Toyota is the fist company to put air bags in their cars.

How do air bags work

An air bag keep’s you from hitting your head.  This will keep you from hitting your head. The Fist time air bags were tested.  So I told you that I would tell you when the fist air bags were tested hear you are. This is the fist time an air bags were 1985.  The very fist air bags were tested was 1985

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Fancy Facts about Airbags

So I told you that I would tell you how fast air bags come out. Her it is an air bag comes out at 200 mph but that is not all 200mph Faster then an eye blink. Cool facts about air bags.

Do you know how much an air bag is $500? 


In conclusion, if you ever get in a car wreck isn’t you glad you know about air bags. I hope you enjoyed learning about learning Air bags.  I know I enjoyed learning about how fast do air bags come out. Those air bags come out at 200 mph Faster then an eye blink. What the fist company is Toyota. So remember that air bags are the life safer.