My Report on the Microwave Oven

By a 4th grader


Have you ever heated up food from the Microwave? Well I have it only takes you 30 seconds to heat it.

My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what a Microwave Oven is and what a Microwave oven does.  Next, I will cover The Inventor.  Then I will write about what it can cook Finally, I will end with is it Healthy for you.  If you want to know more about a Microwave Oven you better keep reading.

What a Microwave Oven is and what a Microwave Oven does

My Report on the Microwave Oven, This paragraph is about A Microwave Oven a Microwave Oven can’t cook anything but food. If ten foil is on it and you stick it in the Microwave it will start a fire.

Wikipedia said

A microwave oven works by passing a radiation


The Inventor

Who invented the Microwave Oven? This paragraph is about who invented it and the first and second things to be cooked in the Microwave.

When they were testing the Microwave an egg exploded on one of the inventors face.  The inventors name is Percy Spencer He invented it with a group of people. The first thing to be cooked in the microwave was Popcorn the second thing was an egg.

What it can Cook?

Can it cook anything but food?  This paragraph is about If you can cook anything but food.

One time when I came home from Wendy’s and my food was cold so I put it in the microwave with the wrapping on it and it started a fire.

It cannot cook anything but food if you put in anything else it will burn.

Is it Healthy for you?

This paragraph is about is it healthy for you, or not. My mom did an experiment and got 2 pots and 2 seeds and then she planted it in the pot and then she got water and put it in the Microwave and then put it in the pot then she got normal water and put it in the pot. Then after 11 days the seeds from the microwave water was molded and the seeds from the normal water made a bean sprout.  My mom told me that the Microwave Oven is not good for you.


In conclusion, Thank you for reading my report on the Microwave Oven I hope it was a lot of fun.

I hope you enjoyed learning about it. I know I enjoyed learning about what a microwave oven is and what a microwave oven does always remember The Inventor and If its healthy for you.

Thanks for reading my report.