By A 4th Grader


Imagine choking to death on poisonous gas!  Think of the pain and the suffering.  Now, pull out your gas mask and you are breathing free and easy.

My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what Gas Masks are and what Gas masks do. Next, I will cover an interesting man named Garret Morgan.  Then I will write about filters. And finally, I will end with respirators.

If you are interested, you must read on. (OR ELSE DOOM…. ON…. YOU!!!!!!!!!)

What Gas Masks are and what Gas Masks do

Gas masks can save your life if, you have one. This paragraph is about what gas masks are and what gas masks do.

A gas mask is a mask with a filter that protects you from harmful gases such as: Carbon dioxide, smoke, fumes from toxic waste, etc.

Frances M. Lussier said

Gas masks were mostly used in World War 1 and for battles.


Garret Morgan

Garret A. Morgan was a great kid. In his childhood he was the oldest.  He was responsible for his younger siblings while his parents were in slavery.  He also invented the traffic light. This paragraph is about who invented the gas mask.

I learned that the gas mask was invented by Garret A. Morgan, of Paris, Kentucky.  He was an African American who took care of his siblings while his parents were in slavery. He was a great guy.

Robert H. Davis said 

That the first gas mask was invented by Garret A. Morgan of Paris, Kentucky. He got the idea in 1845 and fully invented it in 1847.


 Filters are the main source in a gas mask.  They are what keeps you alive.  This paragraph is about filters.  They are really cool looking.

This sentence is about filters or, air cleaners.  Filters are little containers on the gas masks that absorb the clean air and transmit it to you.  Without filters you would probably die even if you had a gas mask.

Robert H. Davis said,

The first filter was made of powdered charcoal.



Respirator is another name for gas mask. This paragraph is about what respirators are.

This paragraph is about different names for gas Masks.  There are two different names for Gas Masks. One of them is Respirator, the other is lung oppressor. World book online said,

That another name for gas mask is "respirator". And another name is “lung opressor.”



In conclusion, imagine choking to death in a burning shed with toxic waste and a lot of smoke but, you take out your gas mask and you don’t die ok, you will, not, die (hopefully).

I hope you enjoyed learning about Gas Masks.  I know I enjoyed learning about another name for gas mask.  Always remember about filters and the respirator.