See how a speed radar works!

By a smart 4th grader


Do you know how fast an airplane flies?  Do you know how fast a baseball is thrown?  If you would like to know, just go buy yourself a radar.  My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what speed radar is and what it does.  Next, I will cover who invented it.  Then I will write about who uses it. Finally, I will end with what it does. If you are wondering what a radar is, and you want to be smarter, read this.

What it is

Radar is a thing that checks how fast things go.  Police use the radar to see how fast you are driving, and if you are driving faster than the speed limit says, than the police pulls you over. Marshall Brain said

, police use it to detect the speed of passing moterists.



who invented it

Christian Andreas invented it. His name is easy for me to remember, cause I just think of people I know to remember his name. that’s two things that you learned.(a way to remember names, and who invented the radar).

Who uses it?

The police use it. They use it to see how fast you are driving. The military also uses it. And baseball coaches use it to see how fast you hit the ball. HEY! YOU JUST LEARNED ANOTHER THING.

what it does

Radar detects how fast anything in the world is going. Even the fastest thing, a fighter plane. Usually the military uses it.



In conclusion, you have learned a couple of things, and don’t forget what you learned. I hope you enjoyed learning about radar.  I know I enjoyed learning about who invented it.  Always remember how to remember names how I have taught you. Thanks for reading my report.