Amanda’s great facts about digital cameras

By a 4th grader


Digital cameras can really help like if you ever wanted to go to the store and put a picture on a big frame that is hanging up that’s not that cool but if you got a digital camera you could put pictures on the internet now that’s cool.

My report will cover three interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what digital cameras are and what digital cameras do. Next, I will cover something I learned about digital cameras. Then I will write about something fascinating.  Finally, I will end with how to buy one.

If you thought that was interesting read on and find out more.

How To Buy

This paragraph is about…how to buy digital cameras.  A digital camera is a camera that can put pictures on the Internet. Wikipedia taught me that The biggest reason why they like them is because they can put pictures on the computer.


Take a picture

If you want to no how to take a great picture well I will tell you how if you read on. The first thing is you have to make sure that you don’t have a cheap digital camera because people who do sell them may tell you a lie. So get a good one. Then go home and take a good picture. And if you really want it cool put it on the Internet.

Get info.

  This paragraph is about getting info.

Digital cameras. And how you get info on them.

I got a lot of info at if you want more go to the Internet.

Buy One

:  This paragraph is about how you buy a digital camera.  Digital cameras are very cool.  You can get them at expensive stores. But if you don’t find one keep looking because you need them.


Now that you read about my paragraph go make one of your own But make sure and have a lot of fun doing it because I did and I want you to have fun as well because that’s really important. And I mean it.  Thank you for reading my report.