Amazing And Bedazzling Facts About Fax Machines

By a 4th Grader


 Did you know that to send a message with a fax machine across the world it would only take 30 seconds?

My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what a fax machine is and what a fax machine does.  Next, I will cover who invented it. Then I will tell you whether a fax machine is a copier or a telephone.  Finally, I will tell what problem they solved.

Does it sound good? Read on-they truly are amazing and bedazzling facts!

What a Fax Machine is and what a Fax Machine does

This paragraph tells all about fax machines. It tells what they do, how they work, how much they cost, and how fast they are.

A fax machine is a machine that sends messages to another person’s fax machine when you type in a number. A fax machine can send messages almost instantly! Sending messages with a fax machine can be easier (and faster) then sending a letter, but it isn’t free. You have to pay to send a message. It isn’t expensive, though. It only costs about as much as calling someone on the phone!

A fax machine is a machine that sends messages to another person’s fax machine when you type in a certain number. It can send them almost instantly! To send a message across the world, it would only take 30 seconds!





Who Invented it?

This paragraph tells who invented the fax machine. It also tells about him.

The Scottish inventor named Alexander Bain invented it in the year 1843. He could invent it because he knew lots about electric clock pendulums. The pendulum goes back and forth just like the scanning pattern of the fax machine. Lynda Perini said:

A Scottish man named Alexander Bain invented it.





Copier or telephone?

This paragraph tells whether a fax machine is a copier or a telephone. You might be surprised at the answer!

Marshall Brain said:

A fax machine is really both put together! It needs a copier to get the information on the paper inside itself, then it need the telephone part to send the info through the phone lines.




What Problem Did They Solve?

This paragraph tells what problems fax machines solved. I am glad we have them!

Marshall Brain said:

It solved the problem of letters not getting to people in time and

it solved the problem of people's letters getting smudged, ripped, or destroyed.





In conclusion, I hope you get (or already have) a fax machine. I tell you they are way better than letters!

I hope you enjoyed learning about fax machines.  I know I enjoyed learning about who invented them.  Always remember whether they are copiers or telephones and what problem they solved!