Digital Camera: the coolest new camera

By:  A 4th Grader


Have you ever used a Digital Camera? If you haven’t, I will tell you something about them.

My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what a Digital Camera is and what Digital Cameras do.  Next, I will cover Why Digital Cameras are needed. Then I will write about the invention of the Digital Camera. Finally, I will end with how normal People use it. If you think you want to learn about Digital Cameras, this is the only way to learn without going from book to book, website to website and waste your time like I have. {I really haven’t been wasting my time. It just took a while to get all this information.} 

What Digital Cameras are and what Digital Cameras do

This paragraph is about what Digital Cameras are and what they do. I think Digital Cameras are cool. I think they are cool because they don’t use film. They use Memory sticks.

Wikipedia said,

They are made out of a bunch of computer chips and sophisticated electronics.

When you take a picture, it puts it on the memory stick.      


Why Digital Cameras are needed

This paragraph is about why Digital Cameras are needed.

 Some details about why they are needed are film for normal cameras was getting pretty expensive. CCD is the film of Digital Cameras. CCD stands for Charged Coupled Device. Besides, if you have a Digital Camera, you don’t have to pay for your film you       just print the picture on a color printer. Plus, you can delete pictures you don’t want or like!                     

The Invention

This paragraph is about the invention of the Digital Camera.

CCD was invented in 1969 at AT&T Bell Labs by Willard Boyle and George Smith. Since then many Digital Cameras have come out and there are going to be many more. Each Digital Camera is better in a way than the last.      

How normal People use it

This paragraph is about how normal people use Digital Cameras. At my house we have a Digital Camera. It is really neat! My dad is teaching me how to use it. You can zoom however close you want when they are on the computer. I love having a Digital Camera! Digital Cameras are now more popular than ever.


In conclusion, if you ever are interested in Digital Cameras you will know more about them since you read it than if you hadn’t. I hope you enjoyed learning about Digital Cameras. I know I enjoyed learning about all I did about them.  Always remember what you learned and I will not be very happy if you do because this took a lot of work!

Thanks for reading my report!