The super missiles

By a 4th grader


Hello and welcome to the super missiles report. My report will cover three interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what missiles are and what they do.  Next, I will cover how missiles work.  Then I will write about how fast missiles go. If you don’t know anything about missiles, read this NOW.

What it is

A Missile is a flying weapon steered to its target.  It destroys targets fast. Michael Elias white said it's a flying weapon.

 How missiles work

This paragraph is about do missiles steer them selves. Yes most missiles do. Michael Elias white said that some of them do.

How fast missiles go

This paragraph is about how fast missiles go. Patriot missiles go 3 to 5 times faster then light speed. That’s all I know.

Michael Elias white said that it is 3/5th the time as the speed of light.


I hope you’ve had the best time of your life reading this report that I wrote. I hope you enjoyed learning about missiles. I know I enjoyed learning about how most missiles steer them selves.  Always remember how fast missiles go please. Thanks for reading this  report. Bye bye.