Smoke destroyer!


By a 4th grader at Northridge Elementary!!!!




Do you have a smoke alarm in your house? I do. They can save your life!

My report will cover three interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what smoke alarm is and what smoke alarm does.  Next, I will cover who was saved by the smoke alarm.  Then I will write about where was the smoke alarm invented.

 Has your house ever caught on fire? If it has did the smoke alarm save you? I bet your smoke alarm went off once did you run out of the house?  /if you want to know more about smoke alarms KEEP READING!!!!


What smoke alarm is and what smoke alarms does?

[Topic sentence:  This paragraph is about…]

Smoke alarm is a device that makes sure that you are safe from fire because it goes off when it there is smoke from the fire.

Johnson, J.E. said,

If there is a fire in the house the smoke will make the alarm go off.


Buying a smoke alarm

A smoke alarm is only cost $30.00 and it’s really cheap to. If you don’t have one run down to the store right now!

If you are deaf there is a smoke detector you can buy for deaf people so they can know to go out of the house.


[Where was the smoke alarm invented?

The smoke alarm was invented in Switzerland. By the famous J.E. Johnson