About the Awesome Video Games

By a 4th Grade student


If you don’t want to play board games then play video games.  They are great.  My report will cover three interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what video games are and what it does.  Next, I will cover who invented the video game and why.  Then I will write about what makes the picture you see.  Read on and you will hear something awesome about video games.

What Video Games are or what it does

What a video game is.  This sentence is about what video games are.  A video game is a peace of technology that is cartooned on a screen.  You control it by hands or by a control in your hands.  Howstuffworks.com said that

it is a peace of technology that is on a screen that you control what you do through a control that is held by hand. 


Who invented the video game?

This paragraph is about the invention of the Video game. A company that was and still is called Nintendo invented the video game.  I said that the person who started the radical trend was a company it was a smart one too company called Nintendo.

What makes the picture you see?

This paragraph is about what is that thing called that you see every time you play the video game. The thing that you see if you play the video game do you know what makes that picture you see?

World book on line said

The technique that creates the illusion of motion is called animation.



In conclusion, now you may know more about the totally awesome video game. I hope you enjoyed learning about Video Games.  I know I enjoyed learning about who invented the video game and more.  Always remember what a video game is and what it does. Thanks for reading my awesome report about the radical video game.