The amazing discovery of lasik

By a smart 4th grade student


Do you have bad eyesight? Well if you do than there’s nothing better than to get it fixed right? Than get it fixed is and get lasik done now!  Read on to find out more about lasik and how it’s done. 

My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what Lasik is and what Lasik does.  Next, I will cover how lasik works.  Then I will write about Parts of the eye the surgery done on.  Finally, I will end with special things about lasik.  If you want tips on how to get your eyesight fixed and where to go then read on because it gets much better!

What Lasik is or what Lasik does

This paragraph is about what lasik is and what lasik does

Lasik stands for laser assisted in situ kertomileusis.  Do you have bad eyesight well get lasik eye surgery done!  It fixes your eyesight so you can see again!  Because lasik eye surgery uses a laser and they cut your cornea (which is a thin flap on your eye) and then focus the light and something else.  So now your eyesight is fixed! (Isn’t it great!).  Jeff Tyson said Lasik eye surgery is a medical procedure that fixes your eyesight.


How Lasik works

This paragraph is about how lasik works.  Lasik is a medical procedure that fixes your eyesight and how it works is in the next paragraph.  Jeff Tyson said how they start the surgery is they get a machine ready called an ocular fundus and do something then they put you under another machine called an excimer laser. Then they give you a stuffed animal such as a beady lizard then you slide under the excimer laser and the Excimer laser cuts a thin flap called your cornea and then focuses the light on your retina and then you can see again.


Parts of the eye that the surgery is done on

This paragraph is about the parts of the eye that the surgery is done on.  The main part of the surgery is both the retina and the cornea (which are parts of your eye) Jeff Tyson said your retina is a part of your eye that is located in the back of your eye. The retina reacts to light conveys that information to the brain. The brain, in turn, translates all that activity into an image. Because the eye is a sphere, the surface of the retina is curved.


Special things about Lasik

This paragraph is about special things about lasik.  Some special things about lasik are that lasik was invented by Dr. Hose Barrecur said that many people suffer from poor eye vision and it is one of the most common things people suffer from.


In conclusion, if you have bad eyesight well now that you know how and where to get your eyesight fixed then what are you waiting for go get your eyesight fixed! I hope you enjoyed learning about Lasik.  I know I enjoyed learning about how lasik works.  Always remember Parts of the eye that get the surgery and Special things about Lasik.  Thanks so much for sitting and learning all the wonderful things about lasik Bye bye!