PDA’s: a very handy thing

By a 4th grader


Do you know what a PDA is?  If you do then did you know that PDA’s can be used by kids of all ages?

My report will cover four interesting and important ideas.  First, I will write about what PDA is and what PDA does.  Next, I will cover what the name of the pen is called.  Then I will write about how you can take it wherever you want.  Finally, I will end with sending and getting e-mails.

Read On about PDA’s.

What PDA is or how it works.

This paragraph is on how PDA’s work and what it is.

A PDA is very handy.  You can do all sorts of things on a PDA.  You can play games, keep a calendar, Get and send e-mails, etc.

Camren Carmeck and Craig Freudenirch Ph.D 

The company Han spring, inc. started to make PDAs in 2003 and stopped at the year 2006.


The pen is called stylus

This paragraph is about what the pen is called.

This was found on how stuff works the author is William T. Verts.  The pen of a PDA is called a stylus.




You can take it anywhere

This paragraph is about that you can take a PDA anywhere.

I didn’t find this on a website but I know that you can take it anywhere. 

You can take a PDA anywhere because it is handheld.

You can send and receive e-mail on a PDA

This paragraph is about how you can send and receive e-mails.

The web site is the same as before. The author is the same.  How stuff works author is William T. Verts.



In conclusion, if you need to do something important on a computer then you can just take out your PDA.

I hope you enjoyed learning about PDA’s.  I know I enjoyed learning about all this stuff about PDA’s.  Always remember you can send and receive e-mails and what the pen is called.

Thank you, for reading my Report.