All About HDTV

By A 4th Grader


If you like to watch TV read this!  My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what HDTV is and what HDTV does.  Next, I will cover where it was made.  Then I will write about how it makes your TV clear. Finally, I will end with why it was made.  Sounds interesting, huh?  It gets better.  Keep reading!

What HDTV is and what HDTV does

This paragraph is about what HDTV is and what HDTV does.  HDTV is a TV program that makes your TV not blurry.  It actually makes your TV crystal clear.  HDTV is not just helpful it is very helpful! HDTV is really interesting and I am glad I have been asked to do a report on it.  HDTV is helpful in every way when it comes to TV.   It makes your TV easier to watch.  It helps in a lot of ways.  HDTV can get your family together.  You gather around the TV with a bowl of popcorn and your family and you can watch a movie on the TV and it doesn’t have to be blurry.  Skyvision said, “HDTV is a program that helps your TV not to be blurry.”

           Why was it invented?

This paragraph is about why HDTV was invented. HDTV was invented because a lot of people were complaining to the companies that their TV was way, way, way, way, way, way to blurry.  That is when the people who invented them, invented them.  Skyvision said, “Because a lot of people were having problems with their TV being to blurry somebody decided to invent something that would solve all these persons problems.  That is when this person decided to invent a TV program that would help everybody’s TV to not be so blurry.”


Where it was made

This paragraph is about where HDTV was invented.  The interesting thing is that it was made in… JAPAN!  Any place on earth it could have been, and the person who invented it chose the coolest place on earth!  Skyvision said, “The most interesting thing about HDTV is that it was made in Japan.  A lot of people would not know that.”

It makes your TV clear by…

This paragraph is about how HDTV makes your TV clear.

HDTV is very fascinating.  It makes your TV clear with mega-bites and micro-crystals.  You are probably wondering what that is, huh?   Well, they are little pieces to a TV that makes your TV visible.  HDTV has more.  They are also more powerful.  World Book Online said, “HDTV was invented with special micro-crystals that make your TV easier to see.”


In conclusion, I am sure you want to watch TV now!

I hope you enjoyed learning about HDTV.  I know I enjoyed learning about where it was made.  Always remember how it makes your TV clear and why it was invented.  Thank you for reading my report on HDTV.  I sure enjoyed writing it.  Goodbye!